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Dear Mr. Schofield, I enjoyed perusing your galleries and reading about cameras and printers. That Canon EOS 10D is quite a camera, although I suppose I will probably get the Sony F828 and Epson 2200 since I can't justify the thousands of extra dollars I would have to shell out for lenses for the Canon. Oh, I thought I'd let you know that you misspelled Bandelier on your Bandelier National Monument photos. Cheers, Keith L. Buchanan

Thanks Keith. I've corrected the spelling error.

Keith L. Buchanan, United States
Type text here Carl, Love the Sea walk, its beautiful with the flowers as a frame. I gave the neigbors your web site, they love flowers, gardens, etc. they loved it. Love, maggie

Thanks Maggie.

Marguerite Schofield, United States
Great pictures, Carl. I love the moonlight and hay one, but all are beautiful.. You do Wonderful work. sent your email site to Janice and Karen Maggie

great sight carl, even tho i don't do bugs those shots were great....what a gifted person you are. keep up the good work maggie

Thanks for the feedback Maggie. Bugs are great once you get to know them up close and personal.

Pink Rhododendron

Pink Rhododendron

Maggie, United States
Scho, WOW, The pictures you took from Bar Harbor, Maine brought back memories. When I was a teenager, my parents took us from Ohio to New Brunswick stopping at Bar Harbor for our summer vacation. My brother and I took the day and hiked from our campground up and over the Cadillac mountains. I remembered how beautiful it was. Great shots. I only had a 110 camera back in 1972, but got a few nice photos from the top. Thanks for sharing. Robb

Robb, United States | homepage
Scho, You have done a excellent job showing all of the wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing your gallery. Robb

Thanks Robb. You also have an excellent gallery of G2 images. Beautiful shots of the murals.

Ox Carts

Ox Carts

Robb, United States | homepage
Scho, I thought your artistic talent really shined through on the "flower market" picture.The way you captured that stunning young blond looking at the flowers.Oh, speaking of which, tell mom I said hi! Nice web site dad ,I hope you do well. -Kai P.S. you should put some of those sunrise pictures I woke you up for in Cape Hatteras.Good luck!!

Thanks Kai. Right now you'll have to make do with the gull shot from Cape Hatteras. Your sunrise picture will be in the landscapes gallery which isn't quite ready yet.

Welcome! Please feel free to offer your comments and questions on any of the exhibitions and thanks for visiting. Scho



Scho, United States | homepage